Spilling the beans from this family session

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This blog post including the reveal of these photos is something I have been very excited to publish for a while. (It was embargoed until today so the family had time to spill the beans to their family and friends, and they just gave me the go ahead!) 


As a photographer I have the very special privilege of being a part of some of the most important moments for a family. This family session was no exception as the task was to capture a very happy one year and with her mom and dad.


Scheduled originally for a first birthday/family session I met the family at a local park in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Before the session started I went over my usual "is there anything else you really want to try that we haven't talked about already" speech. Okay not really a speech but more of a "are we on the same page" kind of talk.  I always try to discuss options with clients before the day of the shoot, but I also like to have a last chance kind of discussion before we start.  When you hire a professional photographer there is a reason, and I like to give clients every chance to communicate exactly what they are looking for. This night however the response from my clients was a first for me.


While we talked about props I had with me and shots they were looking for it was quickly revealed that they had BIG news. Huge news! News that they would like to somehow work it into this session.


It turns out they had just discovered they were expecting! My excitement level was immediately through the roof as I was now shooting a family of "4." To be one of the first to know such privileged information is so exciting and such a fun part of this job. I love surprises! If I have learned anything from my time capturing families and children, it's that being part of my job requires flexibility and the ability to be creative on the spot with what I have.


Granted my solution was a simple edit to the chalkboard prop I had with me but isn't this a fun way to announce to your friends and family such happy news? When this family looks back at the images from the session I hope they remember the excitement of how NEW the "news" was and how adorable their daughter was as a big sister-to-be (even if she really has no idea what's going, she just knows she is super cute, in a basket, and some lady is making her laugh.)

I am going to be a Big Sister!

Congratulations to the O'Neil family! I couldn't be happier for you that baby number two is on the way. Plus, I can now spill the beans. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer, you'll forever be the "big sister, big secret" family to me. — Angela Kipling, Photographer in the Boondocks


Are you interested in a family session where you can use the photos for baby announcements, a gender reveal or maternity session? Contact Angela Kipling to schedule or find out more information: email: boondocksbabies@gmail.com or call 906-440-2811. To find out more about Angela's work visit boondocksbabies.com



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